2015 Duemani CiFRA Cabernet Franc 750ml

Varietal: Cabernet Franc
Region: Super Tuscan
Size: 750 ml
Style: Red
Price: $28.99

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Duemani Cifra Cabernet Franc


"A few years ago, we discovered a new winery that blew us away… it was Duemani, the Super Tuscan led by legendary winemaker Luca D'Attoma, responsible for such masterpieces as Le Macchiole, Tua Rita among others. Today's wine, CiFRA, is a lush, intense expression of Cabernet Franc and a testament to Luca D'Attoma's skillful touch in the vineyard and in the winery. Cabernet Franc is a fantastic food wine - enjoy it with all sorts of roasts (pork, beef, chicken), stews, and pastas with tomato sauce. Better yet, we have the lowest price in the country!" - Jim Knight, Wine House (2/9/17)

More from Monica Larner about her tasting at Duemani: "I enjoyed an unforgettable visit with Luca D'Attoma and Elena Celli on what would turn out to be the last hot summer day of 2016. When we met, Luca took a disapproving glance at the substandard wheels attached to my Mini Cooper: "You'll need to park that and drive up with me," he determined. A short while later, I would find out why. Luca took me to his new property that is in the final stages of development. A long dirt road cuts through thick Mediterranean brush to arrive at a secret amphitheater of vines hidden among the lost hills above Riparbella on the Tuscan Coast. A previous owner had envisaged building a rural bed & breakfast at this location, but the difficulty of access and the remoteness of the place eventually forced a sale. Luca D'Attoma, one of Italy's most precise and detailed-minded winemakers, was in the market for a hardship vineyard acquisition. Rarely do you see a place that exudes such a deep and immediate sense of terroir. The thick brush at its perimeter, the luminous sunlight, the yellow soils, the unforgiving slope of the vineyard trellises and the density of the vines reflect an obsessive vineyard vision. This impression is further reinforced by a slew of tiny details that come into focus as you tour the property. Luca imported the same chestnut wood stakes used on Mount Etna in Sicily. Each one stands erect in independent fashion, thus following the ragged contours of the land in haphazard asymmetry. Red Tuscan clay vessels and white Trentino clay amphora are used in the winery and Luca rejects any confusion between the two. In the tasting room, the wines transmit an unyielding sense of focus and meticulousness. You know the old adage about dogs and their owners who start to resemble each other? The same can be said of Luca D'Attoma and his secret Vineyard of Eden."

Winery Tasting Notes: It's the key to the world of Duemani and the manifestation of our signature style. Here the true character of Cabernet Franc, fermented in concrete, emerges in a fresh and succulent manner. Mouthwatering, centered on the dialectic between black cherry and cassis, moss and lavender. Magnetic.


DueMani are Two People: Elena Celli and Luca D'Attoma.
Two different lives and experiences that happened upon each other, becoming, in fact, both creators and heartbeats of this microcosm. Elena was born and lives in Lucca. She studied marketing at Polimoda in Florence and worked in the fashion industry for many years. However after the meeting Luca, she understood that wine would now be her future. Luca was born in Borgo San Lorenzo, outside of Florence. A famous winemaker, he founded W.E.C.-(Wine Evolution Consulting), a winemaking and viticultural consulting company, through which he collaborates with wineries from various regions of Italy for the production of high quality wines. Together, Elena is the sales engine of the winery, while Luca is the enologist and "father" of the vineyards and wines. They had a dream to realize original and pure wines from the Tuscany Coast, where it was possible to cultivate according to nature and biodynamic principles. Thankfully, this dream is now their reality and every

Expert Ratings

Robert Parker's Wine Advocate: 93 points

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Robert Parker's Wine Advocate - 93 pts, Wine House - Next to the 2014 vintage, the 2015 Cabernet Franc CiFRA is a very different wine. This is a more balanced and definitely more generous vintage in terms of the intensity of aromas and flavors on offer. Cabernet Franc is executed with Tuscan plumpness and ripeness that puts an emphasis on dark fruit and deeply vinous perfumes. Spice, leather and tobacco add heavier contouring at the back. The 2014 and the 2015 vintages are two very different beings. The first is streamlined and elegant, and the second is opulent, rich and more intense. Drink date: 2017 - 2025. - Jan 2017