LQLC Cabernet Sauvignon

2012 LQLC Cabernet Sauvignon IGP Vaucluse 750ml



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"When I was in France earlier this year, I spent a day with actor John Malkovich and his partner, Nicoletta (Nicole) Peyran, on their farm in southern France, Les Quelles. I spent the day walking the vineyards, tasting wines and enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal with them. They are making wine not because it’s cool but because they have an incredible enjoyment and passion for wine. Plus, it’s a way to give back to France by creating jobs in their vineyard. Our day went so well that they allowed The Wine House to be co-exclusive with the wine in the US – we are one of two stores in the country that are honored to sell these wines (which are made in miniscule quantities).

The wines are “IGP” (Indication Géographique Protégé) which is what used to be called “Vin de Pays” and now they are allowed to put the grape variety on the label. Sacre bleu ? how modern! In some regions, France is relaxing their notoriously rigid rules about wines in response to global demand ? and these wines are perfect examples. The winery is called LQLC, a combination of name of the farm, Les Quelles and Lacoste, the picturesque old mountain village in the Vaucluse region of Provence where the farm is located. With refined graphics on the label and deliciously fresh and lively wine on the inside of the bottle, you have something distinctive to enjoy and share with family and friends." Jim Knight, Wine House –
2012 LQLC Cabernet Sauvignon IGP Vaucluse Tasting Note: "This wine pleasantly surprised me as well! I was also expecting some earthiness in this wine and maybe some cooler climate Cab Sauv aromatics on the nose, like green olive or green pepper. But, it did not have these characteristics at all, which is a great thing! John and Nicole obtained ideal ripeness in their vineyards on the Cabernet. It showed hints of bright fruit of blackberry, cassis, and cherry on the nose. And the texture was medium bodied with nice ripe silky tannins with hints of red and black fruits on the palate intertwined with leather, vanilla, and spice." Bravo! – JK