Wathen’s Single Barrel Wine House Select Kentucky Bourbon 47%abv 750ml

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Product Description

“Coming in at 94 Proof, Wathen’s is the perfect Bourbon for all your cocktails from Manhattans to an Old Fashioned. On its own, it drinks best with a tiny splash of water, but if you’re like me, and want to bring the heat, then go ahead and serve it up neat!” – Dan Guajardo, The Wine House

Color: Light, golden amber
Nose: Dusty grain, sweet spices
Palate: Sweet vanilla, apricots
Finish: Elegant, warm caramel that slowly opens up as it lingers on the palate

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From the distiller:
“Pristine water, naturally filtered through Kentucky’s underground lime stone deposits, is used exclusively in the 100% copper distilling process. The Medley family yeast, a zealously guarded secret handed down through 8 generations is then added to the mash. After double distilling, the whiskey is then stored in the finest charred new white oak barrels and allowed to age unhurried to its peak of flavor.”